Saturday, April 7, 2012

So My Pattern Didn't Get Accepted

Remember this post? The one where I was so excited to have sent a pattern to a magazine?

Well, I didn't get in. Time to do the thing I hate the least, deal with rejection.

That's OK, turns out they don't want even a picture of it to turn up anywhere.

Plus, it may have not been right for their issue.

That's cool

Because I decided to publish it myself.

Here it is!!

It can now be found on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy, and at here

Ravelry and craftsy are both automatic downloads, craftsy and both cost me the least.

Finished item is listed on One Stitch Designs and on Etsy

Now that I know a little bit more about the pattern submission process for major magazines, I'm working on my next items to submit, 2 magazines have a deadline in the last week of April, and those will be my last chance to be published this year!!

Off to work!

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