Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A day in the life of a Working at home mom

Ever wonder what those of us who work at home and have kids do all day?

my day (most of this is a usual day, just the times change around) most of the day is filled with trying to get many small business and house things done. with various results

5:30 am: wake up to AAAAAHHHHHHH MOMOMOMOMO FRESH BUTT!! ("omg my butt is soaked")
(change diaper, pull midget girl into bed with me)

6 am kicked in the nose

6:30 am wake up to mommommommom wakey good moaney ( "mom, wake up, it's good morning")

6:35 am "show, show, show, show, show....................... Nalvin!!! (after 10 minutes of this, I put the alvin and the chipmunk show on- no clue how many times it's been on in the background- with anna not even paying attention to it)

6:45- 7:45 ish: trying to get some basic promotion done on my website. this is interrupted every 5 minutes or so by one of 3 things: Anna climbing something, Anna trying to get into something, or Anna pressing the button to shut off the player because the show isn't playing any music- the same show that she's not really paying any attention to.

8 am "bite, bite, da bite, nom nom, bite, bite, BITE, BITE (she starts pulling on my sleeve) she can't have my cereal, she already had a big breakfast, and she's allergic to the milk.

9:25 little one decides to play "keysboawd", but this time, she does it on my keyboard
sent off an email to a customer, this is what it said
"Hello, Karen

sxkjnjn dcfhkjnp\ ,,,,dowd783,nmn zLS//S87D L.SMJ$ssssDY HjnB ygd86y d

-Stephanie Smith

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oh yeah, she did, while I was trying to put the book up that she had taken off the shelf.

10 am-ish: lost the $50 sale, someone apparently doesn't have kids, or knows any kids :( I really, really needed that money too :(

11 am realize that I have a sink full of dishes, proceed to start putting away the dry ones

11:08 am baby blowout

11:10 stick Anna in pack and play, sweep floor

11:30, realize i should have done those dishes instead

11:48 Anna finally goes down for her nap, maybe she'll sleep for a couple of hours

noon: shoot, it's noon already I should have given her lunch first, she won't sleep long at all, then will be cranky until bedtime

1 pm Yep :( anna wakes up, lunch is fed-- i still haven't done dishes, because I took pictures  for new product and sketched out an idea I got, maybe this will be the one to get into the magazine.

1:35 post office try 1

2:10 post office try 2

2:35 finally leave the house on the way to post office to ship UK orders- also hit grocery store while out

3 pm come home, to find 2 more orders, guess where they are going to?? yep, UK (plans another post office trip) small orders too, $5.50 a piece (and $3 to ship!)

3:25 give up on getting any real work done today, hopefully, I can get a new style of slippers made!

3:35 have to go to bathroom, leave daddy in charge of tiny one. come back, Anna climbed up on couch, pulled down my ball of yarn and 1/3rd complete slipper, and played with "stwings"

dish attempt #3

6 pm after we "wead" the book with the "munkies" in it (rabbits look enough like chipmunks, I guess) 20 times, dinner is served.

dish attempt #4

7 Anna bath

8 Anna's night routine of "medsin" and "Toofy bwush" commences.

8:25 she's out!!!!!!! I immediately try to catch up on computer work that I can't concentrate on with Dave yelling "Alvin!!" in the background and having to chase after some little girl who just learned how to be a monkey.

Working on promotion on several sites, get a listing up, edit several listings,

11:34 pm I'm sitting here, finishing up this post, I need a bath, and still haven't done those damn dishes, worked on the day's inventory, bookeeping updates, or gotten a new edition of the newsletter out!

Total income today: $21.50 not counting selling fees-   Could have made my goals today too if it weren't for that email.