Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm such a yarnaholic!

So I get to Wallyworld today, need a bunch of stuff, and, as usual, take a trip down their pathetic craft section (They have one aisle for kids type crafts, and one aisle for yarn, ribbon, and sewing, supplies!).

They have carpon Simply soft yarn now! a little more expensive, but I love the feel of it. So I get 6 skeins in various colors (really wish I could afford to buy them out!), and 2 cones of cotton yarn for my soap sacks.

Yay! now it's time to get crafting!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ever want to become a pattern desgner?

Part of what I do on Stephaniemakesall and One Stitch Designs is sell patterns of items I have created.

I know a lot of other people who would like to sell their patterns too.

Crochet! magazine has an article for pattern designers that will help set you on the right track to making money with your own patterns.