Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The great Yarn dye- With Kool Aid!

Ok, so I attempted to dye some yarn and rovings, so I watched a bazillion videos on youtube, joined the It's A Kool Way To Dye group on Ravelry, and then took the plunge!!
Here's what the color was originally:

I dyed a 100g bit of red roving with fruit punch and black cherry:
The actual finished color turned out just a hair lighter. This is right when the dying was finished.
 After I was finished with the roving, I plied the yarn I showed in the first pic of this post, and decided to dye it in citrus colors. Orange, yellow, and green.

The yarn is to the right side, the rest of the pot is taken up with a roving.
After re-skeining that yarn, it looked like this!

Started out with 101 yards of singles, ended with 44 yards of this gorgeousness!
As for the roving in the pot with that yarn? I'm working on it now.

It's making long variegated strands of color, No clue exactly how it's going to look after plying for sure, but it looks like it might have a bit of variegated quality to it!

I'll post my dying tutorial soon.