Monday, July 11, 2011

Converting from mass produced

For many years, when I go buy any amount of stuff from a big box store, I have expected to have to return at least one thing. And I have not been disappointed. 

A person gets sick of having to make 2 trips every time they have to go to the sore, and it's not Eco-friendly either (says the woman who bought a set of solar panels just for gaming :). 

When I discovered Etsy and the other handmade sites, it was a revelation. Not only could I sell my artistry there, but I could get nice things that are unique or rare! since then, I have gotten countless handmade goodies, and you know what? I have not had to return a single one of them! And I'm addicted to handmade soap.

I still have to go to stores for some things, but not for any gift type stuff, not for soap, fudge, even honey. I can get those all from micro businesses on the internet! 

 I am now a supporter of the handmade movement. And I'm happier for it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Handspinning yarn...

So a few months ago, when I had some money (I miss that, unemployed sucks, even worse when you can't get unemployment, but that's another discussion), I decided I was going to learn to spin yarn.

 I bought this drop spindle:

And this roving:

I used the spindle to do my handplied yarns, but the roving sat unused until a couple days ago.

 I'm not going to post a tutorial on how to do it, because there are a bazillion other tutorials out there and I watched many of them. But here is the finished product!

Before plying with thread
The finished yarn, 36 yards of wooly goodness!