Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gearing up for a craft show

So today began the first of the major preparations for my first craft fair out of (hopefully) 3 this year.

I took the finished item tote, and the few finished items I had laying around, and did inventory on them.

I have $4879 retail value on my ready made inventory, 97.5 times my booth fee, so I am good on the amount of stuff I need. (though I will make more small items).

I wrote down each type of item, it's price, etc, and will print out new tags for each item. I need new tags because I have changed my business name since I have done my last show.

After I get those tags on, I will them gather up everything else I need and get packing to be ready for this Thursday evening (show setup).

But first, a call to my sister, because I no longer have a canopy tent!

I'm nervous, last year, I lost out on this show because it rained, and not a normal rain either, a state sized massive storm that was showing up mostly red on the radar :( So wish me luck!!