Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Book Press

So Steve made me a book press (he's teaching me woodworking so I can make my own stuff :) ).

I needed one so I could make pocket journals in the perfect bound method (how paperbacks are made).

Drew up a quick drawing, because I can't describe anything in person :D.

Here is what Steve came up with!
Looks good, doesn't it? Instead of using nails or screws to hold it together, he glued the straightening rails. Only hardware needed was 2 carriage bolts and 2 wing nuts for the pressing part. 

Here's a blurry picture of it in use, as I was folding the cover over the glue. I was making a book that was 1/4 inch thick.

I've had this book press for a few weeks now, and looking around yesterday i found one kind of similar to one here:  well, that's pretty similar! There's a full tutorial on how to use it there too.

 And here's the finished product!
This one's mine, the first one of any of the journals always is. I'll be making more later.


  1. you should put more details...I'm not so mechanical...and not sure I fully understand the process :)

  2. Very cool--both the learning woodworking & making books!