Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions Or Goals

I'm not fond of the word "resolution."

It's negative feeling. I resolve to do this, meaning "I force myself, it will happen," which boils down to "I don't want to."

Is it any wonder why so many resolutions fail? Like diets, the #1 resolution of all time, which fail because you do not want to deprive yourself of a goody every now and again; because you don't really want to.

I much prefer the word "goal." Same end result (hopefully), much more positive connotations.

A goal is something to work towards, something worth doing, or at least trying. It's something that makes you feel really good when you accomplish it, but it's not the end of the world if you don't make it.

So I bet your wondering what my goals for 2012 are?

*A month ago, I decided to try to make 2012's sales figures 4X what 2011's sales were. This only brings me to $8,600 in gross sales, which is a reasonable goal.

*Also, The slow adding to my standalone site One Stitch Designs it will eventually rival, and maybe possibly surpass my Etsy site

*getting a pattern published in a major magazine. I've got a couple of candidates worthy of such an honor. And I already write my patterns in the magazine style.

*Finally getting a wholesale account. Doesn't matter how small, but I've only had one wholesale order, and I want to grow that part of my business.

*finding a local outlet for my work. This is a whole lot easier said than done, I've done both of the shows here, and they both were bad. and there's no stores I've found yet that will work with handmade.

*be able to save up enough money to do a wholesale order of the yarns I use the most. Of course that means I'll need to make enough money to save some!

Some of the goals I set up for myself for 2012 have already been accomplished :)

For example: having my own .com , and getting my own standalone website. Both of these things I meant to do in 2012, but I came across a deal I couldn't refuse, which pushed me into doing those things sooner.

I've put a whole lot on my plate! Here's to a better year than last year was!

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  1. oh hun you are so talented..but being only 24 and the fact that you have a beautiful baby girl...please concentrate on getting healthier and losing some weight....seriously not judging you...I just know that as you age you will gain more weight and the health problems will come after the age of 40....get in shape while you still can and do it for your daughter..jmo